Staff Spotlight: Meet Chef Anthony Smith

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight Series, where we interview members of The Chef’s Kitchen Catering team! Today we’re chatting with Chef Anthony Smith, Owner & Culinary Partner of Chef’s Kitchen.

1) How long have you been a Chef?

I’ve been a Chef for 11 years.

2) What inspired you to go into the culinary field?

What really inspired me to go into culinary arts was having kids. I was a dish at Bank of America corporate, here in Charlotte. Basically, watching those guys excel inspired me.

3) What are some of your favorite foods to prepare?

From pasta to pizza to antipasti, I really love to prepare Italian cuisine.

4) What inspired you to start a meal prep service?

I was inspired to jump on the meal prep trend by my partner, Taylor, and a fellow chef named Tata out of Atlanta.

I was familiar with similar services such as Hello Fresh and Home Chef, but I knew our advantage with meal prep service is that we’re local chefs preparing quality, gourmet food at affordable rates and delivering them to your door at no cost. All our customers have to do is store, heat and eat!

5) What’s next for Chef’s Kitchen this year?

We’re currently working on increased promotion and brand awareness. In addition, we plan on throwing another pop-up restaurant event really soon!

For more updates from Chef Anthony, follow him on Instagram @Chef.Anthony.Smith.

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