DIY Inspiration: Waffle Bar Creations

Looking for inspiration for your next event? A waffle bar gives you a reason to host a fun DIY brunch party!

Similar to DIY cupcake bars, a waffle bar is perfect for events such as baby and bridal showers, birthday parties and various other special events.

For toppings, our team at Chef’s Kitchen recommends fresh fruit, chocolate chips, yogurt, butter and whipped cream. You may even get creative with toppings like Oreos, cream cheese icing (we love to serve red velvet waffles!) and granola.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a variety of syrups, either!

Whether you choose to get the batter ready before guests arrive and let them make their own OR make waffles in advance, keeping them warm in the oven, the bar will be a guaranteed hit with all of your partygoers!

How do we know so much about waffle bars? Our team has had the pleasure of preparing these for several great events. If you’re interested in hosting a waffle bar at your next event, let us please your partygoers! Click here to contact us today.

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